Captured - A moment with Claudia Smith.

Unalloyed talent is a truly admirable quality to observe. Emboldened early in life, one with such talent can blossom to create some undoubtedly inspiring work. Recently featuring San Taylor in her growing portfolio, we took a moment to speak with photographer Claudia Smith, 20 years old, to delve a little further into her life & inspiration.

To Claudia, photography means ’capturing, rather than constructing’. Growing up on the outskirts of Byron, taking photos and experimenting with film cameras from the age of 15, Claudia has been cultivating this talent for the past five years. As anticipated with any dynamic role, she has come across the natural ebb and flow of creativity. However, she has ultimately discovered solidity in regular shooting, experimenting with new, exciting concepts, and working with people that deeply inspire her. She looks to the works of Jock Sturges, Claude Nori, Sally Mann, Brett Weston & Collier Schorr, as her muses.

Photography is the creative outlet that fits perfectly with Claudia. She thrives on the diverse range of people she meets, as well as the variance of locations she travels to. Simply put... ‘who wouldn’t want the outdoors to be their office? Right now, I really love the interaction that the body can create with the land - specifically the ocean’. Claudia’s recent shoot with Gigi Ringel especially resonates with her, as the depiction of her connection with the model, environment & overall shoot strikingly shines through.

We can expect to see more personal projects and mini-series coming from her in 2017. You can follow her journey at @smithclaudia.

Photo: Claudia Smith, Model: Gigi, Style: Tuscany in Salt 

Byron Bay, Sydney

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