Behind the bikini

Let us take you on the journey of how each San Taylor piece comes to culmination. To learn the particularity behind each step of our design process is to understand the honest craftsmanship behind San Taylor.

We believe that the greatest ideas can stem from the wildest sources of inspiration. The initial concept for San Taylor came about on a life-changing adventure through Europe. Sun-drenched days lived out in Saint Tropez at Le Club 55, transfixed by all the unique swimwear... for Kathy, being deeply inspired was inevitable. We sought to widen this newfound perspective through a combination of immersion in Vogue magazine, vintage reference swimwear styles and iconic imagery captured by the likes of Helmut Newton, Peter Lindhberg and Slim Aarons.

We let the consequential ideas flow freely from the mind and collate them through Collection mood boards. First we construct our designs, colour palettes, fabrications and trims, followed by the formation of a campaign and story for each Collection. We translate these concepts to the poolside through an initial silhouette sketch, determining the ideal colour palette to match. From here we carefully source the fabric and trims for each individual part of the whole; the main and lining, threads, straps, binding, sliders, rings, boning, internal brand and care labels, swing tags and packaging.

With the aforementioned consolidated, we begin to bring the design to life through spec sheets on Illustrator. With our pattern maker, we then create patterns from these specs and reference samples. Size 10 production samples are fit to our model and we select a photographer, model and location for a scheduled shoot. The shoot is intricately styled and final images are meticulously selected. To truly perfect each piece, specs are then updated with any necessary design and fit changes.

Following all of the groundwork comes the winsome time to order the fabrics. We source fabric of only the highest quality directly from design capitals of the world, Italy, Spain and of course from our hometown, Australia. This is sent on to our creator in Sydney, who grades, laser cuts and sews each individual piece to perfection.

Our overall design process is based in our Byron Bay Hinterland Studio, overlooking the uninhibited beauty that is Byron Bay. It is with all of this that San Taylor breathes life. 







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