Behind the brand.

Meandering through the striking seascapes of Europe, with a mind full of industry expertise and fiery passion, the concept for San Taylor inevitably coursed its way through to Kathy’s soul. Something incredible was set to transpire from 15 years of experience in the lifestyle industry, paired with the overbearing desire to create something that captured the same sense of honest, implicit and raw beauty witnessed poolside in Europe.

Kathy was irrevocably inspired by ‘the confidence of women of all shapes and sizes, skipping freely along the shorelines, without tugging at their bikinis or shying behind towels.’ Through a plethora of late nights and days spent in solidarity, poring over classic artwork, design magazines and iconic vintage reference swimwear styles, San Taylor came to fruition. In an industry saturated with trends, Kathy wanted to design and locally handcraft high-quality, exclusive pieces, that were always to remain timeless and unique. Kathy was immersed in creativity from a young age. Her early days were spent in Torquay observing her Mother, a watercolour artist, perpetually painting, sewing and creating. Thus began Kathy’s journey to become a designer, stylist, photographer, and a traveller... ultimately, to become a creator. She explored this through the study of Fashion & Textiles at RMIT in Melbourne, which eventuated into a prosperous career working with some of Australia’s leading lifestyle and swimwear brands.

Now, it is in her studio, overlooking the lush hinterland of Byron Bay, that Kathy spends her time and efforts, nurturing and developing her own brand - San Taylor. Her dedication shines through the particularity of her work, from spending countless hours perfecting each individual design, to meticulously sourcing the best quality fabrics for her pieces, right down to the metal trims. Kathy aspires to create swimwear that becomes as essential to you as your favourite little black dress. Swimwear that is treated with the same level of care that was provided in its hand sewn beginnings... not simply tossing it in the sink after use, but truly taking time to maintain, wash with an all-natural delicate wash from Bondi Wash, care and hang it up with pride. She believes that the days of rapidly worn-out swimwear, needing to be replaced every season, need to pass. Rather, it is time to invest into something that gracefully endures the years of wear and allows you to feel completely liberated, confident and comfortable in your skin. Kathy wholeheartedly believes in longevity and the value of something to cherish.

Embracing timeless silhouettes, designs, and minimalistic construction to accentuate the natural female form, the idea behind San Taylor is not driven by trends or seasons. Kathy has spent years chasing the sun and discovering design pockets of the world in order to create something truly genuine and liberating for women.

Photo: Claudia Smith, Model: Gigi, Style: Tuscany in Salt

Monaco Pool, Monte Carlo

Nice, French Riviera

Cannes, French Riviera 

Cannes Marina, French Riviera 



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